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Is National Guard Service Considered a Veteran

by Troy Malesky March 06, 2020 2 min read

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How Service Dogs Help Veterans

by Troy Malesky February 28, 2020 2 min read

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Who Designed The Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

by Martin Kier February 07, 2020 2 min read

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Can Veterans Go to Any Hospital?

by Troy Malesky January 31, 2020 2 min read

The VA is always available to veterans for medical care. However, what happens if the VA is too crowded, appointments are too spaced out, or the VA is too far away from where the veteran lives?
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What is a Protected Veteran?

by Troy Malesky January 24, 2020 1 min read

Having the status of a protected veteran means you are protected by the federal government from discrimination when re-entering the civilian workforce. It means that veterans can’t be discriminated against based on their military service. It also means that if the veteran has suffered a disability during service, then reasonable requirements should be made to allow them to continue working.
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Is a Reservist a Veteran?

by Troy Malesky January 17, 2020 2 min read

In terms of VA benefits, a lot of people are confused by this question. It is confusing because a reservist can be a veteran, and a veteran can be a reservist. However, a reservist doesn't have to be a veteran.
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