Born & Forged in the USA

Meet Troy Malesky— a former Navy SEAL, bona fide veteran, and the grit behind Riptide Armory. After serving America's elite Navy SEALs for close to a decade, Troy didn't just hang his boots. He led an advanced training wing as a Naval Special Warfare Operator. Fast forward to today: Troy's planted his roots in Alabama, living the American dream with his wife and a squad of five future patriots.

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The Mission: No-Nonsense Firepower

You want relentless performance for your firearms? You're in the right arena. Riptide Armory isn't about frills and fluff; it's about meat and potatoes—high-caliber products crafted under the scrutinizing eyes of those who've seen action. Designed, tortured, and given the nod by both former and active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs, our gear is engineered to hold its own in the roughest conditions this planet can throw at you.

Every product that bears the Riptide Armory name undergoes a baptism by fire, using the most cutting-edge tech known to man or beast. We don't just meet standards; we set 'em. Welcome to a brand that serves those who serve, and aims to elevate every trigger pull to a new level of excellence.

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